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03 November 2009 @ 04:29 pm
Title: Almost Perfect
Author: Brian Katcher
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Date Started: Sometime last week
Date Finished: November 1st
Page Count: 368
Total Page Count: 14640
Summary: (From the book) Logan Whitherspoon recently discovered that his girlfriend of three years cheated on him. Since then-much to his friends' dismay-he has been despressed, pessimistic, and obessed with this ex, Brenda. But things start to look up for Logan when a new student breezes through the halls of his small-town high school. Tall, unconventionally pretty, and a bit awkward, Sage Hendricks somehow appeals to Logan even at a time when he trusts no one. As Logan learns more about Sage, he realizes that she needs a friend as much as he does, if not more. She has been homeschooled for several years, and her parents have forbidden her to date, but she won't tell Logan why. The mystery of Sage's past and the oddities of her personality intrigue Logan, and one day, he acts on his growing attraction and kisses her. Moments later, however, he wishes he hadn't. Sage finally discloses her big secret: she's actually a boy.
Reason for Reading: Carnegie. Plus on the back of the book he was compared to John Green.
Opinion of Book: Reading the inside of the flap, I totally thought that I knew what was going to happen, but I didn't. This book is pretty unpredictable and I liked it a lot.
Favorite Quote: "Everyone has that one line they swear they'll never cross, the one thing they say they'll never do. Not something serious like 'I'll never kill anyone' or 'I'll never invade Russia in the winter.' Usually it's something less earth-shattering.
'I'll never cheat on her'
'I'll never work at a job I hate'
'I'll never give up my dreams'
We draw the line. Maybe we even believe it. That's why it's so hard when we break that promise that we make to ourselves."
(p. 1)

"Nothing is harder than acting normal around someone you think is hot.
Strike that. Nothing is harder than acting normal around someone you think is hot, and then dissecting an amphibian together."
(p. 47-48)

"I couldn't make out what Sage was saying, but when she bent and gestured at her shoes, I realized they were speaking Clothes, the universal female language. My friend seemed quite fluent. Since I only spoke conversational Clothes, I decided not to join them." (p. 237-238)
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26 October 2009 @ 11:15 pm
Title: Karen's Pilgrim
Author: Ann M. Martin
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Date Started: October 26th
Date Finished: October 26th
Page Count: 93
Total Page Count: 14272
Summary: Seven year-old Karen goes to Plymouth Plantation and tries to bring a 'pilgrim' back to Connecticut with her to show off to her classmates. Way to go, Karen.
Reason for Reading: Hahahahaaa well last week over dinner, Cassia and I had a long trip down memory lane and spent over an hour talking about all of the Babysitters Club/Babysitters' Little Sister books that we used to obsess over when we were younger. We ended up on my laptop going through all of the titles on Wikipedia... and we each chose a book to get out from Carnegie to read. This was mine. It took me roughly 20 minutes. Quality literature. Has anyone else read this series?
Opinion of Book: Wtf?
Favorite Quote: Anything that comes out of Karen's idiotic mouth.
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12 October 2009 @ 10:39 am
Title: Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me? (Confessions of Georgia Nicholson)
Author: Louise Rennison
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Date Started: October 10th
Date Finished: October 12th
Page Count: 296 (this is after I've subtracted the dictionary in the back)
Total Page Count: 14179
Summary: At the end of the last book, Georgia was dating Massimo (The Italian Stallion) but had just been caught dancing with Dave [the Laugh]. Massimo tried to fight DTL but Georgia ended it by quoting The Sound of Music, or something. Anyway, in this book Georgia is still dating Massimo (whose band might be going to London to get signed), yet still accidentally always ends up making out with DTL. Her parents are crazy, her uncle is a baldy-o-gram (one of those strippers that you pay to have come to your house for bachelor/bachelorette parties), Jas is obsessed with owls and Hunky, Ellen... dithers, Rosie decides to wear a beard for her role as the Nurse in Rom[eo] and Jul[iet], Sven is Swedish, and her little sister keeps pieces of old food (Mr. Cheese) as pets.
Reason for Reading: I ADORE THIS SERIES. And this is the last book! Sad! I am more heartbroken about this than I was about the Princess Diaries series. But less than Harry Potter. Anyway, yes. Love. It was just released a few days ago and I ordered it from Amazon about two months ago so I would get it asap.
Opinion of Book: This wasn't the BEST Georgia book that I've read, but it was still very funny. There was more German in this book than there usually is- I needed to consult Google Translate a few times. But nonetheless, I loved it. This series is really so insane, I'm going to miss it. Oh, and I love DTL. See a previous entry for rants about him from book #9.
Favorite Quote: Cut.Collapse )
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08 October 2009 @ 11:39 pm
Title: Mountains Beyond Mountains (The Quest of Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would Cure the World)
Author: Tracy Kidder
Genre: Biography
Date Started: Late August
Date Finished: October 8th
Page Count: 317
Total Page Count: 13883
Summary: (from Amazon) In medical school, Paul Farmer found his life’s calling: to cure infectious diseases and to bring the lifesaving tools of modern medicine to those who need them most. Kidder’s magnificent account takes us from Harvard to Haiti, Peru, Cuba, and Russia as Farmer changes minds and practices through his dedication to the philosophy that “the only real nation is humanity.” At the heart of this book is the example of a life based on hope and on an understanding of the truth of the Haitian proverb “Beyond mountains there are mountains”–as you solve one problem, another problem presents itself, and so you go on and try to solve that one too.
Reason for Reading: Megan recommended it to me two months ago. And it's about Haiti. This isn't the type of book that I'd normally think to read.
Opinion of Book: These are my reactions to this book. In no order.
  • This book took me for-fucking-ever to read.
  • I really enjoyed this book.
  • I want to go to Haiti.
  • Paul Farmer is the shit.
  • I want to go to Russia.
  • How did 317 pages take me a month and a half to read?
  • I'm glad I'm not pre-med, because then I would feel enormous pressure to do what Paul Farmer does.
  • This book makes me feel like an insignificant human being.
  • Now I can stop lugging this book around with me wherever I go, and lug around a different one instead.
  • I wish I could be as intense as Paul Farmer.
    Favorite Quote: "[Jim] liked to say of Partners in Heath, 'People think we're unrealistic. They don't know we're crazy.'" (p. 169)

    "He was like a compass, with one leg swinging around the globe and the other planted in Haiti." (p. 260)
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    22 September 2009 @ 05:02 pm
    Title: Stop in the Name of Pants! (Confessions of Georgia Nicholson)
    Author: Louise Rennison
    Genre: Realistic Fiction
    Date Started: September 18th
    Date Finished: September 22nd
    Page Count: 286 (this is after I've subtracted the dictionary in the back) (REREAD)
    Total Page Count: 13566

    (I read this book earlier this year. The original entry is here)
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    20 September 2009 @ 08:50 pm
    Title: Atala - René
    Author: François-René de Chateaubriand
    Genre: Historical Fiction (in French)
    Date Started: September 6th(ish)
    Date Finished: September 20th
    Page Count: 231
    Total Page Count: 13566
    Summary: This book is actually a combo of two short stories, Atala and René. They're both kind of lame.
    Atala- Chactas is an Indian who leaves his adopted father to go out and explore nature and stuff. He's kidnapped by a tribe of Indians and they plan to kill him. While he is waiting to be killed, he is guarded by a bunch of women. One of the women, Atala, falls for him and she helps him escape and they run off together. They really want to sleep with each other, but Atala says that she can't because it was her mother's dying wish that Atala stay a virgin all of her life. They get impatient, all alone in the woods, and are about to get it on but then all of a sudden a missionary shows up ringing a bell. He brings them back to his place and they live there for a while. Atala spills her story to the missionary, and she feels so guilty about what she almost did that she drinks poison and dies. Oh you also find out that Atala is the daughter of the guy who adopted Chactas.
    René- René's mother died giving birth to him and has felt guilty about it all of his life. He has an older brother who he doesn't really like, and an older sister (Amélie) who he is extrondinarly sexually attracted to. His father dies when René is in his teens, and the house goes to René's older brother (and then he kicks out René and Amélie). René decides to travel around Europe, and apparently hates it because all he does is complain about it. He returns to France and gets even more pissed off, because his sister is now avoiding him. He decides to kill himself, but then his sister finds out and she runs back to him and it is all well and good. But then she gets all pissy and decides to go become a nun. René follows her there and she admits that she ran away because she has feelings for him, too. René peaces out and goes to live with some Indians in Louisiana. After living there for a bit, he receives a letter telling of his sister's death. He dies shortly after.
    Reason for Reading: 19th Century French Civ: The Romantic Era.
    Opinion of Book: The only real upside was that the stories were pretty short. I liked Atala better, because in René all he did was whine. And lust over his sister.
    Apparently the author, François-René de Chateaubriand, had incestuous feelings for his own sister while writing these stories. Quelle surprise.
    Favorite Quote: No.
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    01 September 2009 @ 05:33 pm
    Title: Invisible Monsters
    Author: Chuck Palahniuk
    Genre: I don't even KNOW
    Date Started: August 28th
    Date Finished: August 31st
    Page Count: 297
    Total Page Count: 13335
    Summary: (from Amazon) This is a wild ride of a novel. The narrator is an unnamed fashion model who's had her lower jaw shot off in an ambush. In the hospital, she meets her new mentor, the Princess Brandy Alexander, who is in the middle of a year-long gender reassignment process. Together, they launch a picaresque voyage of revenge on the narrator's ex-best friend, model Evie, and ex-boyfriend, vice cop Manus, who were having an affair before the shooting. Along the way they pick up Sean, whom they are inexplicably feeding gender-altering pharmaceuticals without his knowledge. The novel opens with its climax, then jumps around the narrator's life, introducing her crazy parents, her ostensibly dead brother, and the nun-nurse who is trying to fix her up with other patients who have suffered disfiguring accidents. No one is who he or she seems to be, and the challenge is to figure out who is morphing into whom. By the end, most readers will be both exhausted and exhilarated.
    Reason for Reading: We were all watching Fight Club over at Andrew's the Monday before everyone left and Eric recommended this book (it's by the same guy who wrote Fight Club).
    Opinion of Book: WHAT. THE. FUCK.
    Like, seriously. Wow.
    I found someone on Amazon who said that "Invisible Monsters makes the author's jarring first novel, Fight Club, seem like a leisurely buggy ride. -- James Sullivan, San Francisco Chronicle"
    And that's true.
    Holy shit, like it was disturbing and intense and depressing and made my head kind of hurt and constantly surprised me and WOW.
    I recommend it to like, everyone.
    I wish that I could say something more but I cannot. Has anyone else read this?
    Favorite Quote: I've seen this one everywhere- "All God does is watch us and kill us when we get boring. We must never, ever be boring." (p. 264)

    Fun fact: Panic at the Disco's song 'Time to Dance' is modeled after this book... so is Motion City Soundtrack's 'Invisible Monsters'.
    They're also making a movie of this due out in late 2010.
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    01 September 2009 @ 09:24 am
    Title: Heart on my Sleeve
    Author: Ellen Wittlinger
    Genre: Realistic fiction
    Date Started: August 26th
    Date Finished: August 26th
    Page Count: 219
    Total Page Count: 13038
    Summary: (from the inside flap) While on a college visit, Chloe meets Julian, another prospective freshman, and infatuated, the two high school seniors begin a long-distance relationship. Chloe is thrilled that she'll have a boyfriend at college, although she doesn't know how to break the news to Eli, her best friend whom she's sort of dating. As Chloe and Julian prepare to meet again, they must face the question of whether their relationship is based on who they really are or who they imagine each other to be.
    Reason for Reading: I needed to get some books to read on the ride down to Pittsburgh.
    Opinion of Book: This whole book was a combo of emails, IMs, letters, and postcards between eleven different people. The style was interesting, but it did sometimes get a little bit confusing. At first I thought that the story would just be about the relationship between Chloe and Julian (and Eli), but there is also a lot of communication between Chloe and Julian and their respective sisters, parents, and friends. This book didn’t turn out to be so much a book about Chloe/Julian, but about relationships (friendships, family) in general.
    Favorite Quote: Idk.
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    25 August 2009 @ 11:23 pm
    Title: That Summer
    Author: Sarah Dessen
    Genre: Realistic fiction
    Date Started: August 16th
    Date Finished: August 17th
    Page Count: 201 (REREAD)
    Total Page Count: 12819
    Summary: (from Amazon) For fifteen-year-old Haven, life is changing too quickly. She's nearly six feet tall, her father is getting remarried, and her sister (the always perfect Ashley) is planning a wedding of her own. Haven wishes things could just go back to the way they were. Then an old boyfriend of Ashley's reenters the picture, and through him, Haven sees the past for what it really was, and comes to grips with the future.
    Reason for Reading: See previous.
    Opinion of Book: I did like this story, but I prefer 'Someone Like You'. Sumner kind of annoyed me.
    Favorite Quote: Uhh I don't remember.
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    17 August 2009 @ 06:44 pm
    Title: Someone Like You
    Author: Sarah Dessen
    Genre: Realistic fiction
    Date Started: August 14th
    Date Finished: August 15th
    Page Count: 281 (REREAD)
    Total Page Count: 12819
    Summary: (from Amazon) Quiet Halley and popular Scarlett have been friends for years. They balance each other perfectly- until the beginning of their junior year. Then, Scarlett's boyfriend is killed in a motorcycle accident; soon after, she learns that she is carrying his baby. For the first time, Scarlett really needs Halley. Their friendship may bend under the weight, but it'll never break- because a true friendship is a promise you keep forever.
    Reason for Reading: The movie How To Deal (2003?) is a mix of this book and Sarah Dessen’s That Summer. I saw the movie ages ago and really liked it, so I bought this two-in-one Someone Like You + That Summer book. While I have TECHNICALLY read it before, it was like five years ago and I don’t really remember much. Anyway, I grabbed it out of my closet before vacation because I needed some books to read.
    Opinion of Book: I enjoyed it. It’s interesting reading it again after seeing the movie though, because it seems like one half of the story is missing. It makes me want to rent the movie again.
    Favorite Quote: “There are some things in this world that you rely on, like a sure bet. And when they let you down, shifting from where you’ve carefully placed them, it shakes your faith, right where you stand.” (p. 197)
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