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12 October 2009 @ 10:39 am
#61 Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me?  
Title: Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me? (Confessions of Georgia Nicholson)
Author: Louise Rennison
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Date Started: October 10th
Date Finished: October 12th
Page Count: 296 (this is after I've subtracted the dictionary in the back)
Total Page Count: 14179
Summary: At the end of the last book, Georgia was dating Massimo (The Italian Stallion) but had just been caught dancing with Dave [the Laugh]. Massimo tried to fight DTL but Georgia ended it by quoting The Sound of Music, or something. Anyway, in this book Georgia is still dating Massimo (whose band might be going to London to get signed), yet still accidentally always ends up making out with DTL. Her parents are crazy, her uncle is a baldy-o-gram (one of those strippers that you pay to have come to your house for bachelor/bachelorette parties), Jas is obsessed with owls and Hunky, Ellen... dithers, Rosie decides to wear a beard for her role as the Nurse in Rom[eo] and Jul[iet], Sven is Swedish, and her little sister keeps pieces of old food (Mr. Cheese) as pets.
Reason for Reading: I ADORE THIS SERIES. And this is the last book! Sad! I am more heartbroken about this than I was about the Princess Diaries series. But less than Harry Potter. Anyway, yes. Love. It was just released a few days ago and I ordered it from Amazon about two months ago so I would get it asap.
Opinion of Book: This wasn't the BEST Georgia book that I've read, but it was still very funny. There was more German in this book than there usually is- I needed to consult Google Translate a few times. But nonetheless, I loved it. This series is really so insane, I'm going to miss it. Oh, and I love DTL. See a previous entry for rants about him from book #9.
Favorite Quote:
"'Listen, Chaos Queen, how's every little thing? Is your girlfriend still stropping around, rifling through his handbag, or is it all ticketey-boo?'
'Well, he wrote me a note, but I haven't seen him yet. It'll be the first time on Sat. He says we should take it easy and that maybe he overreacted a bit.'
Dave said, 'A bit? That's like Hitler saying, 'Oooh, I just meant to go for a little walk, but then I accidentally invaded Poland.'
'No, Dave, it isn't anything like that.'
'You didn't know that Hitler invaded Poland, did you?'
'Of course I did.'
'You don't know where Poland is, do you?'
'Dave, I am not a complete fool.'
'Where is it then?'
'It's clearly, you know, near...'
'The top bit.'"
(p. 85-86)

"Oh, I am just a crazy, mixed-up kid! It's not fair. If you look at the relativosity of time and pretend that my life is a big clock... and I'm at three o'clock, it's only about five minutes since I first learned how to do my shoes up at kindergarten. And so how am I supposed to be an expert at relationships???
I only started snogging last year. (Half past two.)
Shut up about the clock fiasco!!!
I didn't even have any basoomas eighteen months ago... (i.e., quarter to one... shut up, shut up, brain!!!)
I was practically just a nose on legs.
(p. 217-218)
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