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20 September 2009 @ 08:50 pm
#59 Atala - René  
Title: Atala - René
Author: François-René de Chateaubriand
Genre: Historical Fiction (in French)
Date Started: September 6th(ish)
Date Finished: September 20th
Page Count: 231
Total Page Count: 13566
Summary: This book is actually a combo of two short stories, Atala and René. They're both kind of lame.
Atala- Chactas is an Indian who leaves his adopted father to go out and explore nature and stuff. He's kidnapped by a tribe of Indians and they plan to kill him. While he is waiting to be killed, he is guarded by a bunch of women. One of the women, Atala, falls for him and she helps him escape and they run off together. They really want to sleep with each other, but Atala says that she can't because it was her mother's dying wish that Atala stay a virgin all of her life. They get impatient, all alone in the woods, and are about to get it on but then all of a sudden a missionary shows up ringing a bell. He brings them back to his place and they live there for a while. Atala spills her story to the missionary, and she feels so guilty about what she almost did that she drinks poison and dies. Oh you also find out that Atala is the daughter of the guy who adopted Chactas.
René- René's mother died giving birth to him and has felt guilty about it all of his life. He has an older brother who he doesn't really like, and an older sister (Amélie) who he is extrondinarly sexually attracted to. His father dies when René is in his teens, and the house goes to René's older brother (and then he kicks out René and Amélie). René decides to travel around Europe, and apparently hates it because all he does is complain about it. He returns to France and gets even more pissed off, because his sister is now avoiding him. He decides to kill himself, but then his sister finds out and she runs back to him and it is all well and good. But then she gets all pissy and decides to go become a nun. René follows her there and she admits that she ran away because she has feelings for him, too. René peaces out and goes to live with some Indians in Louisiana. After living there for a bit, he receives a letter telling of his sister's death. He dies shortly after.
Reason for Reading: 19th Century French Civ: The Romantic Era.
Opinion of Book: The only real upside was that the stories were pretty short. I liked Atala better, because in René all he did was whine. And lust over his sister.
Apparently the author, François-René de Chateaubriand, had incestuous feelings for his own sister while writing these stories. Quelle surprise.
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