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01 September 2009 @ 09:24 am
#57 Heart on my Sleeve  
Title: Heart on my Sleeve
Author: Ellen Wittlinger
Genre: Realistic fiction
Date Started: August 26th
Date Finished: August 26th
Page Count: 219
Total Page Count: 13038
Summary: (from the inside flap) While on a college visit, Chloe meets Julian, another prospective freshman, and infatuated, the two high school seniors begin a long-distance relationship. Chloe is thrilled that she'll have a boyfriend at college, although she doesn't know how to break the news to Eli, her best friend whom she's sort of dating. As Chloe and Julian prepare to meet again, they must face the question of whether their relationship is based on who they really are or who they imagine each other to be.
Reason for Reading: I needed to get some books to read on the ride down to Pittsburgh.
Opinion of Book: This whole book was a combo of emails, IMs, letters, and postcards between eleven different people. The style was interesting, but it did sometimes get a little bit confusing. At first I thought that the story would just be about the relationship between Chloe and Julian (and Eli), but there is also a lot of communication between Chloe and Julian and their respective sisters, parents, and friends. This book didn’t turn out to be so much a book about Chloe/Julian, but about relationships (friendships, family) in general.
Favorite Quote: Idk.
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